digital wood

Digital wood is a full-scale exhibition structure in plywood. Through investigations, full-scale experiments and digital tools this project seeks to explore new perspectives of programing timber in the field of architecture and design. In collaboration with our sponsors a temporary structure was designed and built for the “Tomorrow’s Wood Production” venue which functioned as a gathering place and visual label for visitors, while exploring new … Continue reading digital wood


Onyx is a proposal for a small scale concrete kiosk located at the Botanical garden, Gothenburg. It recreates the sharp and almost dangerous language of rock formations, yet completely friendly for human beings. Visitors may enter the kiosk during a cold winter day with hot cup of mulled wine and experience the space. Aggregated out of 121 custom made concrete blocks, the installation offers functionality … Continue reading onyx


Blidö is a vertical extension of a timber frame house built in the 1950s. Rather than trying to mimic the expression of the existing structure, this project attempts to select and lift certain qualities of the original building. By incorporating details such as roof angles, roof material and corner colours, the extension communicates with the original house while still being an unexpected addition. The project … Continue reading blido


The Head is a social media device designed to evoke the sense of surrealism. For human beings, the homosapian face is one of the most recognizable things. We see them every day and subconsciously read their proportions to store them in our memory. There is a clear image of what a human face looks like. But what happen we take an comprehensible object like this … Continue reading head


The Crack rethinks the cast concrete masonry unit in architecture. Sited in the Gothenburg Botanical Gardens, it was designed digitally with associative modelling and prototyped by means of 3D printing. The design features 70+ concrete blocks that interlock geometrically to form a structural whole. All blocks are unique and were cast in moulds made from EPS foam. The moulds were fabricated off site with the … Continue reading crack