The Head is a social media device designed to evoke the sense of surrealism. For human beings, the homosapian face is one of the most recognizable things. We see them every day and subconsciously read their proportions to store them in our memory. There is a clear image of what a human face looks like. But what happen we take an comprehensible object like this and scale it up by a factor 10? Answer: The Head.


In collaboration with Nöjet AB, Swemill AB and Bower studio AB, The Head was designed for a nightclub in Tylösand, south west of Sweden. Apart from being an interesting eye-catcher, this sculpture communicates the brand of the night club through social media by visitors taking “selfies/groupies” besides it. Head creates identity through surrealism and expressionism.

It was fabricated in EPS using a 5 axis robotic milling machine. The prototyping was made using plaster 3D printing. Since the sculpture had to be easily demountable, it was sliced into eight horizontal components. The seams between these were camouflaged through a 5 mm horizontal engravery which was applied onto the whole surface.