introducing Force Density Solver in Emu 1.3

Delighted to share that Emu 1.3 now includes a Force Density Solver component. Force Density is an optimization technique that simplifies the design process for cable networks by assuming constant force-to-length ratios. This method has a storied past, as it was employed by Frei Otto and his team in the groundbreaking design of the Munich Olympic Stadium back in the 1970s. The Force Density Solver … Continue reading introducing Force Density Solver in Emu 1.3

ChatGPT and RhinoCommon

There has been a lot of buzz around ChatGPT since it was released end of last year. In short, ChatGPT is a smart chatbot that can generate text provided user input from a prompt. While this might not be a revolutionary concept, what’s new is the quality of its response, and that the Chatbot is very good at understanding conversational context. Discussions on social media … Continue reading ChatGPT and RhinoCommon

EZ-EC; embodied carbon made eazy

Introducing EZ-EC, our contribution to the AEC Tech 2020 hackathon! EZ-EC (Easy Embodied Carbon) is a web application that can be used by AEC professionals to get quick estimates of embodied carbon performance of building designs in early project phases. As a user, you provide details about the land lot, massing geometry, structural system and façade. As a response, you get the GWPs (Global Warming … Continue reading EZ-EC; embodied carbon made eazy