introducing RESThopper

Introducing RESThopper – a system for remote solving grasshopper definitions, making it possible to run GH defs in the web browser, which also happens to be the project that made us WIN (!!) the AECTech2018 hackathon this past weekend in NYC.

Here’s how it works: 1. Launch the web app, 2. Copy and paste the content of the GHX file you want to solve, 3. Adjust the slider names to match with the parameter names in the definition, 4. Enjoy running GH definitions the browser!

Big shout-out to the hack team (Marc, Chuck, Sergey, Nico, Carl), and to the McNeel team (Will, Kike, Luis, Dale, Brian) for support and making awesome products. RESThopper is in very early stage (literally 24 hours of hacking), but we’re hopeful to roll out a public version in case there is interest in the project.

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