Asterisk is a Thornton Tomasetti | CORE studio project. Developed by CORE studio, Asterisk is a web application for rapid structural optioneering in early conceptual design. Simply upload a mass and core model from the Rhino client, adjust a few parameters, and Asterisk returns a concept-level wireframe in a matter of seconds. Users can create iterations, explore and filter design spaces, and compare the performance metrics … Continue reading asterisk


Twist is a proof of concept project trying to replicate the power of the graphical algorithm editor Grasshopper3d in an independent programming environment. As an approach to generative design, this software allows you to dynamically manipulate the shape of the building by adjusting numerical parameters on the GUI and see the results on the go. Rotation, number of stories and their height are some of … Continue reading TWIST


EMU is a form-finding tool implemented as a plugin to the parametric 3D modelling software Grasshopper3d. It was developed as a part of my M.Sc thesis in structural engineering. The question the thesis addresses is the feasibility of elastically bent gridshells in a Scandinavian context. Looking worldwide at realized gridshells and existing design methods, a gap has been identified between the required analysis process and … Continue reading emu