introducing Force Density Solver in Emu 1.3

Delighted to share that Emu 1.3 now includes a Force Density Solver component. Force Density is an optimization technique that simplifies the design process for cable networks by assuming constant force-to-length ratios. This method has a storied past, as it was employed by Frei Otto and his team in the groundbreaking design of the Munich Olympic Stadium back in the 1970s.

The Force Density Solver was initially developed by Emil Adiels and myself in 2017, and we’re excited to finally incorporate it into the Emu plugin. With this latest update, Emu offers users three structural analysis solvers:

  • Dynamic Relaxation: An ideal choice for elastically bent structures
  • Direct Stiffness: An efficient method for small deformations
  • Force Density: A versatile option for designing cable networks

We’re always looking to learn from others’ experiences with Force Density in their engineering projects, so please feel free to share your insights and knowledge.

Emu 1.3 can be downloaded for free through the Rhino Package Manager and Food4Rhino. We hope you enjoy the new features and encourage you to share your thoughts on the updated plugin!


Examples can be found here:

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