EZ-EC; embodied carbon made eazy

Introducing EZ-EC, our contribution to the AEC Tech 2020 hackathon!

EZ-EC (Easy Embodied Carbon) is a web application that can be used by AEC professionals to get quick estimates of embodied carbon performance of building designs in early project phases. As a user, you provide details about the land lot, massing geometry, structural system and façade. As a response, you get the GWPs (Global Warming Potentials) of the different components of the building (façade, floor, columns etc.), including a visualization of the geometry. The hope is that this tool can be used to make informed decisions in early stages, as the structural system and the cladding make up roughly 70% of the embodied carbon of a building. To be able to meet the goals of the Paris agreement, it’s about time that we as an industry start to take action.

Huge shout-out to the amazing hack team; Andrew Swartzell (Pickard Chilton), Luke Gehron (Payette), Patryk Wozniczka (Entuitive), Brittney Holmes (HMC Architects), Chris Hazel (Ayers Saint Gross Architects) and Luke Lombardi (Thornton Tomasetti). Hard to say without bragging, but we also happened to win the prize for “Best Overall Hack”. We’re really happy that the judges recognized the importance of the issues EZ-EC addresses.

On a technical note, the backend of EZ-EC is powered by a carefully crafted Grasshopper3d script hosted on Swarm. It utilizes two amazing open source projects to retrieve relevant material data; the BHoM tool from Buro Happold, and the Kaleidoscope tool from Payette Architects. The Grasshopper script can be found in the project’s Github repo. To make EC-EZ even more powerful, we in corporated the Swarm app in a custom built Vue app, allowing you to upload a Rhino file to get even more granular breakdowns of the EC performance as a second step. This part completes the workflow nicely when the specifics of massing geometry start to emerge.

Check out the demos and images below. Also huge thanks to CORE studio for hosting such an awesome event.

Demo of EZ-EC in action.

Images from the hackathon presentation.

The vue app of EZ-EC in action

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